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Curriculum Vitae

Datos Personales

Nombre :  Yancy
Apellidos :  Corrales Astua
Fecha Nacimiento :  10/21/1983
Nacionalidad :  Costa Rican
Pais de Residencia :  Costa Rica
Provincia de Residencia :  San Jose
Localidad de Residencia :  Coronado
Teléfono 1 :  8833-4789
Teléfono 2 :  2294-3012

Estudios Reglados

“Accounting certificate” 320 hours
Experimental Bilingual High School, Moravia, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2001
Bachelor degree
Experimental Bilingual High School, Moravia, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2001
General and basic education
(Costa Rica Education Ministry terms, this is like Junior High School in USA)
Experimental Bilingual High School, Moravia, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1999
Elementary School
San Blas School, Moravia, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1996

Estudios No Reglados

“Windows and office course”


Technological Academy, Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1999


Capacidades Profesionales

   I’ll like to mention some aspects of my professional profile that could be of use to your institution:

  • Working well under pressure, as well as multitasking are strong qualities of mine. I consider myself out going,                        responsible, creative, proactive, and organize, possessing leadership skills; as well as working well in groups and individually.  

Experiencia Laboral

Professional Experience



  • INYSIS Institute (Period March 2002 – July 2002)


Position: Receptionist



  • Magister University (Period September 2002 – March 2006)
Position # 1: Secretary of the Direction office
 Position # 2: Leader of the Register Department
  • Pangea Institute (Period January 2008 – July 2008)


Position: English Teacher (second and third levels – low Intermediates)
  • I.L.A.I.  Institute (Period March 2008 – Nowadays)


Position: English Teacher (Different levels - from 1 to 8)

Conocimientos Informáticos


 - Windows and Office (word, excel, power point)

 - Internet





Trabajo Deseado

 It could be any kind of Job your company considers according to my abilities and studies.

For example:

 1. Bilingual Secretary or Receptionist

 2. Accounting Assistant

 3. English Teacher

 4. Customer Service, and many others

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