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Curriculum Vitae

Datos Personales

Nombre :  Agustin
Apellidos :  Lira Barreto
Fecha Nacimiento :  20 Septiembre de 1971
Nacionalidad :  Mexicana
Pais de Residencia :  México
Provincia de Residencia :  Chihuahua
Localidad de Residencia :  Chihuahua
Teléfono 1 :  6141951814
Teléfono 2 :  6144838116

Estudios Reglados



Instituto Tecnológico Chihuahua’s.                                                      Industrial Production Engineer

Academic Accomplishments

Better average of my generation

Administration Post Degree

Estudios No Reglados


  • 1. Crusade of Security and Health in the Mining Industry
  • 2. Safe Operation and Maintenance of Articulated Trucks
  • 3. Safe Operation and Maintenance of Forest Machines
  • 4. STOP Program
  • 5. Management Dangerous Materials-BI (3 hours)
  • 6. Operation and Maintenance HSP 4795/96 Machine (40 hours)
  • 7. First aids in Industrial Contingencies (8 hours)
  • 8. Tips and Tricks and Macros of Excel 2000(4 hours)
  • 9. Instructors' formation (16 hours)
  • 10. Seventh Meeting Emergency Brigades (6 hours)
  • 11. Advanced Product Planeation. FMEA´s. (6 hours)
  • 12. Operation and Maintenance Alarms Board of the Fire System. SIEMENS (8 hours)
  • 13. Motivation and Formation Teams Work (6 hours)
  • 14. Getting Things Done (16 hours)
  • 15. Alone Piece Flow (6 hours)
  • 16. HSE Commission (6 hours)
  • 17. Six Actions to Save a Life (8 hours)
  • 18. Teamwork (12 hours)
  • 19. AutoCAD 2006 Seminary Level 1-Level 2-Level 3D (72 hours)
  • 20. Legality in the Work Accidents Investigation (6 hours),
  • 21. LOTO Program. Lock Out Tag Out (6 hours)
  • 22. Putting to Earth Systems (12 hours)
  • 23. Managerial Skills (4 hours)
  • 24. Brigades Fire Formation (6 hours)
  • 25. KAN-BAN (4 hours)
  • 26. Dangerous Materials (6 hours)
  • 27. Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (24 hours)
  • 28. Leadership (40 hours)
  • 29. TPM (6 hours)
  • 30. Microsoft Office Word 2003 (24 hours)
  • 31. Use and Managing Fire Extinguishers and Hoses (8 hours)
  • 32. Work Publisher Audit (6 hours)
  • 33. Audit Personal Services (12 hours)
  • 34. The Service like Culture (12 hours)
  • 35. Product Advanced Quality (6 hours)
  • 36. The Communication (8 hours)
  • 37. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (6 hours)
  • 38. Planeation Control Dimensional PCD (4 hours)
  • 39. Human Relations (6 hours)
  • 40. The ABC to Achieve the Reliability and Useful life of the Bearings (16 hours)
  • 41. The 8D´s (6 hours)
  • 42. Audit Work Supervision (12 hours)
  • 43. Analysis and Resolution Problems (14 hours)
  • 44. Total Time Administration (4 hours)
  • 45. Managing and Treatment Waste Water (6 hours)
  • 46. The 5’s (8 hours)
  • 47. Neurolingüistica Programming (16 hours)
  • 48. KAIZEN (8 hours)
  • 49. Examination and Evaluation Control Systems (12 hours)
  • 50. Maintenance Preventive System MP2. (24 hours)
  • 51. Total Quality Control TQC (4 hours)
  • 52. POKA-YOKE (4 hours)


Capacidades Profesionales

Personal skills

Team Work, Work Under Pressure, Results Oriented, Negotiation Skills, Proactive, Disciplinary Groups Coordination, Forecast Administration, Analysis and resolution Problems, Dynamic, Assertive, Creative, Analytical, Sense of Urgency, Ability to Manage Multiple Projects, Knowledge of Labor Safety and Environment.

Experiencia Laboral

Labour Experience

Group GDI in Palmarejo Chinipas. Supervisor HSE. July to today

Responsibilities: Work Accidents Investigation, Task Safety Analysis (TSA), Validation of such Equipments Wheel Dozers, Articulated Trucks, Off Highway Trucks, Track Loaders, Wheel Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators,  Work Accidents Report, Personal Protection Equipment Validation, Reports and Discrepancies Control, Coordination HSE Commission, Emergency Brigade Coordination, Traffic Signaling, Observation Preventive Tours, Plan Contingency Elaboration, Elaboration HSE Instructions, Implementation HSE Programs, Personal Induction, Programs Safety Training, Tailing Area Cordination.

Jabil Circuit. Industrial Safety Engineer. May 2005 to July 2008

Responsibilities: Work Accidents Investigation, Work Risks Control, Machinery and Equipment Validation, Work Accidents Report (IMSS and STPS), Study Noise and Lighting, Personal Protection Equipment Validation, Suppliers' Control, Reports and Discrepancies Control, Coordination HSE Commission, Forklift Audits, Emergency Brigade Coordination, Library Video Elaboration, Implementation Zero Tolerance Program (Safety Jabil), Building Signalling, Evacuation Simulation, Evacuation Routes Evaluation, Observation Preventive Tours, Plan Contingency Elaboration, Recovery  Disasters Plan, Industrial Safety Instructions, Fire System Maintenance and Modifications, Implementation Industrial Safety Programs, Annual Report CNSNS, Personal Induction, Programs Safety Training, Audits STPS and FM-Global, Organization and Participation in the Fair Health, Safety and Environment.

Maintenance Engineer. July 2001 to May 2005.

Responsibilities: Building Maintenance, Air compressors and Vacio Bombs Type Sullair, Vertical Conveyor´s  type TKF, Package Units Refrigeration type York, Electrical Room and Substation of 115 000 Volt's, Kitchen Equipment Maintenance, Green Areas Maintenance, Hidroneumatic Room Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance System (MP2), Extraction System Maintenance, Baths Maintenance, Purchase Material and Equipment, Building Modifications, Maximums and Minimums in Tool Cribb, Installation of Machinery in Manufacture Areas, Reconfiguration of Manufacture Areas.

Administration of the Preventive Maintenance System (MP2). December 2000 to July 2001.

Responsibilities: Equipment Building Identification, Work Instructions Elaboration, Maintenance Tasks Elaboration, Maintenance Program Elaboration

Government Chihuahua's State. Program Supervisor. March 1996 to January 2000

Responsibilities: Audit of projects realized by federal, state and municipal dependences of government, Estimations work Review, Unitary Prices and Catalogue of Work Concepts Review, Documentation Review.


Conocimientos Informáticos

  •  Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
  • Outlook
  • Minitab
  • MP2
  • AutoCad
  • Proyect. 



Otros Datos

Professional Objective

Develop professionally inside a company of world class applying the know ledges adquired during my education and labour experience, as well as to find new opportunities of growth and development, both in the professional area and in the personnel.


·         Registration in STPS like external instructor. (Registration Number: LIBA-710920-TBO-0005)
·         Implementation and Formation Internal Auditors in OHSA 18001 (30 hours)
·         Radioactivity Safety Leader for Facilities Type I-C (35 hours)
·         Statistical Six-Sigma Analysis. Green Belt (80 Hours)
·         Specialists HSE Preparatory (30 hours)
·         Administration Post Degree (30 hours)
·         MOST (30 hours)

Other Strengths
  • Knowledge ISO14001:2004 international Standard
  • Knowledge OSHA 18001:1999 international Standard
  • Knowledge of environmental and safety regulations
  • Protection vision to the company by means of the protection of the environment and industrial safety.
  • Implementation of environmental projects with integral focus.
  • Environmental Analysis (Impacts & Appearances)
  • Interest in the environment area and myself continuous training
  • Easiness in training activities in floor.
  • Experience in application of 5’s
  • Application of the method of 8 D’s and the 5 Why’s analysis.
  • Basic Knowledge of International Standard like ISO-13485, ISO-14971, TS-16949 and TL-9000.



Labour Accomplishments 

  • FM Global Inspection. From 85 to 91 in FM´s score Jabil Average.
  • HP DRP´s Review. No findings and Good comments.
  • Road Map. Continue educating organization in managing Safety by incidents vs accidents (IMSS Accidents, Total Lost Workdays and Incidents Type).
  • Machine and tool room improvements. Equipment and tool use restrictions, Certifications control and Periodic inspections.
  • Chemicals control. To improve Purchase process and Receiving process, Approved chemicals list implementation, Suppliers Labeling, Control and Incompatibilities.
  • Parking Lot Safety. Pedestrian paths, Buses safe driving reinforcement and TV Jabil adds.
  • Blades safe use. Restricted access to blades and users letter (risk acknowledgment & Commitment).
  • Hot works permit. Only EHS and Security will approve permits.
  • Equipment review. For example (Hot pieces Visteon, Stamping Guard Advance, Presence sensor Sealer Advance, Pinch Point Conveyor Advance, Machine Guarding Radial Advance, Barnish application Advance.
  • Labor Culture. Implementation of the Fair Health, Safety and Environment.


Trabajo Deseado


Industrial Safety, Environment, Health, Security and Facilities


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