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Fecha Nacimiento :  9/4/1969
Nacionalidad :  Dominicana
Pais de Residencia :  República Dominicana
Localidad de Residencia :  Santo Domingo
Teléfono 1 :  1-809-856-4515
Teléfono 2 :  1-809-532-6095

Estudios Reglados

Universidad Tecnológica de Santo Domingo (INTEC)

Maestría en Alta Gerencia con Concentración en finanzas

Agosto 2002-Julio 2004

Universidad Católica de Santo Domingo

Diplomado en Proyectos Sociales Enero  –Junio, 2001

Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.

Licenciatura en Administracion Hotelera. 1986- 1991


Estudios No Reglados


Costumer Service Management Course

World Wide Learn, MindLeaders

Canada.- Sept-Oct , 2006

Trainning in Finance and Administrative Project Management

Abt Associates Inc.

Bethesda, MA  2004


Aquisition Management Trainning






Writting and Editing Course .


Santo Domingo, DR 2002

Microsoft Project Management course


Santo Domingo, DR  2000.

Sales and Human Resources course


Santo Domingo, DR  1997.

Hotel Sales Conventions and Seminars


USA and Latin America.

Capacidades Profesionales

I am enclosing my resume, outlining my background and experience for you

consideration. I am interested in working with a prestigious organization such as yours,

where my capacity to manage organizations, including activities of planning, organizing, leading

and coordinating resources as well as my sales and human resources knowledge and experience

abilities may continue to be utilized and challenged towards the growth of your company.


Currently, I am interested in a career within the field of management and costumer service.  As

the enclosed resume indicates, I hold degrees and experiences in areas applicable to this


Experiencia Laboral

The Club Residences Collection - Grupo Nolan

Contratista de Negocios

Noviembre 16, 2006 - Actual

REDSALUD II Abt Associates (USAID Project)

Directora Administrativa y de Finanzas

Julio 2005-Septiembre 2006

This position includes the major functions of planning, organizing, leading and coordinating activities. By planning, project needed to identify goals, objectives, methods, resources needed to carry out methods, responsibilities and dates for completion of tasks. By organizing resources,

so Abt Associates projects could develop in an optimum fashion (Examples are organizing project start up with new departments, human resources, and office and file systems, re-organizing operation manual). By Leading, I was meant to set administrative direction for the project (according to Abt Associates/USAID), groups and individuals and also influence people to follow that direction. And by controlling, or coordinating, the projects systems processes and structures to effectively and efficiently reach goals and objectives. This includes ongoing collection of feedback, and monitoring and adjustment of systems, processes and structures accordingly ( use of financial controls, policies and procedures, performance management processes, measures to avoid risks according to Abt and USAID regulations and laws of the host country).. Financial manager for Abt’s Country Office in the Dominican Republic have direct responsibility over all financial aspects related to REDSALUD operations (budget US$13.3 million, 15 technical staff and 3 staff from August 2000 to July 2005), REDSALUD Tasc 2. (budget US$5.2 million, 9 technical staff and 2 staff from May 2005 until September 2007) also provides financial support to the Abt team in the CONECTA project (subcontract budget US$2.5 million, 4 technical staff until September 2007).

REDSALUD I  Abt Associates (USAID project)

Gerente Admiistrativa Financiera

Septiembre 2000- Julio 2005

PHR Abt Associates (USAID project)

Asistente Administrativa

(Julio 1999- Septiembre 2000)

Hotel Dominican Fiesta

Sales Manager for Latin America and USA


Fiesta Hotels is a Spanish hotel chain with more than 40 establishments all over the world. During my seven years at the Fiesta Hotel I first served as a Sales Executive for Travel Agencies, then became Sales Manager for Latin America and the US.  This position included establishing and monitoring standard work procedures for travel agencies in the city and abroad, preparation of annual and monthly sales and budget plans, establishing a cost analysis on room rates, banquet rates and other hotel services, in close coordination with the accounting department and under the general manager’s guidance. I also prepared reservation forecasts and worked on coordination of group activities in all hotels.

Hotel Decameron “Super Clubs”

General Hotel Management Internship


Conocimientos Informáticos




Microsoft Outlook

Internet Explorer

Quicken 2004


Microsoft Project

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